Alex D and Mike Jonas  27m 

Alex D (SOLO)           39m    $30

Future Rappers having fun and popping everything quickly.               TWO movies for ONE price

Damian     54m    $20

Digs his finger in to pop the balloons.

But really loves squeezing out all of the air from the inflatables 

Pool Time 1    1:37    $30

Chad, Yadrel, Robbie, Tadeo, and Mario. I told them to have fun and be aggressive with the toys.

Jay Play      48m     $25

With his 8 pack, defined body, and smile, he B2Ps, plays with, and pops the balloons. Bites and rips the inflatables 



T Jack      41m     $20

Flexible farmboy fast pops, some S2P's, andLoves the pump. Pokes with his fingers and also lighter pops the inflatables 


Alex and Ricky Wonderful 49m $30

They Bite to pop. They rip, squeeze, and sit pop the balloons. Lots of Biting. And they poke and Bite the inflatables

Mike Lee     39m     $20

Model and Dancer has a hot breath that gets the balloons sooo Big. Loves to rip the balloons and the inflatables 


Trev          45m        $20

Stomps, rips and B2Ps the balloons. He rips the inflatables and hurts his fingers getting out all of the air from the lounge chairs



Ricky Wonderful     38m    $20

GoGo dancer and innocent smile, he loves to stomp and rip the balloons. He bites and pokes the inflatables and squeezes out all of the air

Bubbatopia & Don Chapo 39m $30

In matching undies, they rip and B2P balloons and poke the inflatables while getting closer and closer



Chad and Jarod    55m    $30

So much fun together with LOTS of B2Ps and ripping the balloons. Bite and rips the inflatables. Plus more B2Ps

Aiden Cole      53m     $20

Porn star likes to fast pop, and Rips2Pop. Bites and pokes the inflatables. Loves the slow leaks

Tony and Cory   56m  $30

Going with a Green, Ninja, and Turtle theme.

Boyfriends use the ceiling to pop the balloons and poke the inflatables 



Fernando      1:23      $20

Sexy aggressive with a hint of a smile. Hot! Fast pops, B2Ps,pumps the balloons. Bites and rips the inflatables

JT        54m       $20

On his Birthday. JT came over and fast pops, B2Ps, and bounces on the Big Balloons. Pokes, rips, and bites the inflatables


Logan  18m 

Tattoo Artist and Massage Therapist uses his fingers to pop.

Matt     1:17    $25

Looks young and is full of energy. Bounces and bites the big balloons. Aggressively bites the inflatables 


Larry        1:14    $20

The balloons kept smacking him in the balls. And he tried to jump pop the inflatables. Lots of humping and grinding



Eric      52m      $20

GoGo Dancer smiles and poses while he stomps and rips the balloons and rips and stabs the inflatables

Jay Play and Eric 51m  $30

Jay Play brought his friend Eric to torment and tease him. Very Sexy. Payful B2Ps, biting, and tug of war with the inflatables



DLP    17m 

Skater uses his board to pop balloons.

DLP = Dirty Little Piggy

Tadeo and Carlos  1:38  $30

Sexual touching and teasing and popping. Orgasmic. No popping for the first 5 minutes, just teasing



Carlos        1:22    $20

GoGo Dancer with fur on his chest and a hint of a smile, rips, B2Ps, and sit pops the balloons. And loves to bite the inflatables

Killian and Jeff   52m    $25

Skinny, thin, and fun. One is a GoGo dancer, the other a bartender. Squeeze, stomp, and B2P the balloons. Rips and Bites the inflatables



Tiger and Santiago  45m  $30

Two buff tatted men ripping and sit popping the balloons and tug of war with the inflatables 

Robbie and Mario 45m  $30

Make it a game of popping balloons against each other. Then attack each other with the inflatables

Virgo and Nate      37m  $30

Skinny and always adjusting their black hair. One takes his time, while the other pops quickly



Chase      29m      $20

GoGo Dancer JUMPS when he pops a balloon. Stomps, rips, sit pops and B2Ps the balloons.

Sorry No Inflatables