Leo          38m       $20

Hairy construction worker from Chicago rips and squeaks the balloons with B2Ps.  And rips and bites the inflatables.

Mike Lee and Big Ben  40m  $30

They laugh and joke with each other and Pop Everything Fast. Rip and B2P the balloons.

Stab, cut, bite, and rips the inflatables

Dvyne       56m       $20

Rips, bites, and squeezes the balloons and bites and rips the inflatables. Amazing thumb tack teasing of the Unicorn

Steven      52m      $30

Flexes and rips the balloons, plus pops them into his crotch. Some Sit pops and stomps. He loved rolling across the inflatables and then ripping them

Gray       1:19      $25

With a nice hairy butt, rips, licks, a few S2Ps, 1 B2P, and grinds in the long balloons. Bites licks, rips, and rides the air out of the inflatables 

Robbie J     1:23     $25

Expert tease with a models face. Rips, bites, stomps, and B2P's the balloons. Slowly rides, bites, and pokes the inflatables

Jae C        1:05       $20

Got his thumb nail filed to sharp points, but did Not help in popping. Rips and steps on the balloons and rips and pokes the inflatables

Danny V       1:01       $20

Fit and thin, the music gets him in the mood to pop slowly, playing in the balloon room.

And he bites the inflatables.

Jack D     1:21      $25

Retired military man, B2Ps, rips, squeaks, sits on, and lays on the balloons.

Pokes and rips the inflatables

Tyler Griz      1:45      $30

Porn Star wipes his sweat on the balloons to make them squeak.  And we try...try a Couch Potato air lounge

Miles     1:27     $25

Tall, fit, and long dreadlocks

Kiss', licks, and takes his time in popping the toys. NO B2Ps but loves blowing them up

Ned Flanders  1:14     $25

DJ at raves, loves his hair down. Rips, stomps, and S2Ps with B2Ps. Rips or pokes a small hole in the inflatables and squeezes

Big Ben      25m       $20

Out of Prison and with his Ponytail, he cig pops, bites, rips, stomps, and sit pops the balloons. Bites and rips the inflatables fast

Rimshot      45m      $10

Young, fit, and thin. Teases, speaks, and digs his fingers into the balloons. Lots of pin pops.

   Just the first round of balloons, only  


J S C          1:03       $20

Makes up games to play with the balloons before popping them. Bounces and bites the inflatables

Tyler Griz and Pup Ranger 1:23 $40

Two Solid Muscle Men wrestle each other and

wrestle the toys. B2P, pump, rip the balloons. 

Bite and rip the inflatables

River     34m      $25

Native American pops fast. Loves the sit pops. Bites and rips the inflatables

Jack Left    44m   $25

Ex Military man is not afraid of loud Bangs. Pops fast the balloons. Enjoys the Big ones. And rips the handles off of the inflatables. Plus rips and pokes

IZA        1:32       $20

Shows off his nice Ass in sit pops, B2Ps, and stomping the balloons. Jumps on and pokes the inflatables, and then squeezes the air out

Diego and Estevan  1:16  $30

Diego was so scared and nervous to pop, that he shook the whole time. Bite and rip the balloons and the inflatables

Abel       1:10       $20

Yesterday was his 29th Birthday. This morning he is popping balloons and biting the inflatables

Danny Red     53m      $25

Excited, nervous, hyper, and sexy. He bites, licks, rips, body slams, B2Ps, S2Ps, squeezes, and stomps the balloons. Rips, bites, and jumps on the inflatables

Latin Boy Angel   49m    $25

Loves to stomp on the balloons and make them squeak. With the inflatables, he bites a small hole in them and then squeezes and jumps on them 

Go Go Gadget    45m   $20

Personal Trainer pops fast with B2Ps. Loves to jump on the inflatables. A Lot of Jumping on.  Plus bites, rips, and pokes

Freaky Jay     46m      $20

Tried to B2P the balloons or bite. Nope. But he knows how to bounce and rip the balloons and the inflatables

Michael Angel    35m     $20

In the Martial Arts, he aggressively fast pops, rips, stomps, and S2Ps the balloons. Jumps on, stabs, and rips the inflatables

Estevan       1:41       $20

I told him to torture the toys. They tortured him. Pin Pop, bites, and rides the balloons. Pokes and squeezes out All of the air of the inflatables

Sebastian      30m      $25

Works at the gym and he Pops FAST.

Rips and stomps the balloons FAST.

Pokes the inflatables FAST

Clark Kent      49m      $30

Superman gets hard popping the toys. Loves to sit pop, squeeze, and rip the balloons. Plus B2P's and stomps. Loves to bite and squeeze the air out of the inflatables. Plus rips and pokes them too

Juicy Jay     1:01     $25

Retired GoGo Dancer has a rough sex appeal

Two B2Ps of the balloons. Bites, rips, cigs, and lighter pops of the balloons and inflatables