Corey Johnson      42m        $25

Loves the smell of the toys, and big hands to destroy them.

​Squeaks, steps on, sits on, and rips the balloons.

Rips and bites the inflatables.

The Masked Man       1:15     $25
When you are overheard at the gym, and he wants
to pop your toys. Plus he loves to dirty talk.
Rip and lighter, with some B2P's.

Rips and pokes the inflatables.​

Benjamin     1:35    $30

Playful, sexual, and rubbing on the toys. 
Rips, bounces, pin, cig, and lighter pops the balloons.
Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables.​

Drew Two      42m        $25

Drew is back ripping, licking, squeaking, stomping, and using the corner table to pop the balloons. Pokes and rips the inflatables. Wanted a knife to pop faster.

Blake Benz      51m        $25

Loves to show off his ass.

Loves to sit pop and the lighter, plus the pump and rips the balloons. Loves the lighter, and rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables. 

Tyson     55m    $25
Sexy man with a deep voice, thinks the toys are cute.  Rips, stomps, pump, and a few S2P's the balloons.  Rips and pokes the inflatables.

J.D. Bounce       53m    $25
Goal is to bounce to pop the inflatables. Could not.
37m of bouncing and body slams the inflatables. Small rips. 10m of sit pops and rips the balloons.

Harrison    51m    $25
I like how he rips the balloons.
He rips, lighter, and pin pops the balloons and inflatables. Plus stomps and pump to pop the balloons

Aus Buster      49m        $25

Looner from Australia is selling his video.

He stomps, pumps, rips, S2P's and B2P's the balloons

Sorry, no inflatables. 

David Baxter      56m        $25

Accomplished Artist loves to bite, sit, and rip the balloons. He bites, rips, and pokes the inflatables

Kyle Ruff       1:20        $20

Teased and slowly tortured the toys

Rip, squeak, pin pop, foot pop, and B2P the balloons Rip, pokes, and squeezes the air out of the inflatables

Big Ben is Back       38m        $5

He is Bigger and lets his hair down

Rip, cig, knife, B2P, Pump, and stomps the balloons

Rip, cig, knife, and bites the inflatables


Joey       1:29        $25

Spent an hour torturing the balloons of the first round. Rip, squeak, and pin popping.

Fast pops the inflatables

Panther Two      1:52    $30

Does his flex, pose, and humping positions to pop the balloons. I love his grinding of teeth against the balloon to bite them. Knows how to talk and his stories when biting small holes and ripping the inflatables. Almost 2 hours long

RAZOR          53m        $30

Porn Star loves monkeys and gets to bite and rip them and squeeze the air out of them.  Rips, squeaks, licks, kisses the balloons with some bare foot pops and some S2Ps.  Rips, bites, pokes, licks, and kisses the inflatables

Ricky R       1hr    $30
​Artist and supper nice guy, knows how to turn me on.  He rips and uses a lighter to pop the balloons.  
Rips and pokes the inflatables.​.

Sean 2     43m     $30

Sean is back and popping fast.

Rips, cigarette, and pump to pop the balloons.

Rips and cigarette to pop the inflatables.

Brent West      1:01        $25

Full of Energy and puts on a show.

Has great balance on the toys. 

Wrestles, squeezes, rips, and sits on the balloons with some B2Ps.  He rips and bites the inflatables

Angus Burnside   40m  $25
Wearing a kilt, he rips, pin pops, lighter, and uses the pump to pop the balloons.
Poke and rips the inflatables.

AJ Malone  37m    $25
Professional massage therapist gets out his aggression on the toys. 
Rips, pin pops, and 2 B2P's the balloons.
Rips and pokes the inflatables.

Rome and Adam Bond     1:13    $40

Just moved in together and you can feel the sexual tension. Rips and bites the balloons.

Rip, bite, lighter, and cigarette to pop the inflatables.

Parker Allen       1:06        $30

Porn Star loves to do fetish videos.

He rips, bites, stomps, cig, and uses the pump to pop the balloons.

Rips, bites, cig, and pokes the inflatables

Billy          38m        $25

On a Hot Summer day in Pride month, this College student pops Fast.  He bites, rips, stomps, and sit pops the balloons. Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables

Adam         1:24        $25

The first balloon popped on his dick and balls. 

Now Pop Shy, he rips, pin, and finger pops the balloons. Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables


David M         36m        $25

He does not speak English and I do not speak Spanish.

Professional Body Builder until he hurt his back, rips the balloons with a few stomps. Pokes the inflatables

Anton DeLuce     1:23      $20

Playful in a nerdish way. He rips the balloons plus uses the pump. And rips and pokes the inflatables

Troy       46m    $25
Straight farmboy pops fast.  
Likes to blow up balloons but not B2P. 
Rips and cig pops the balloons.

Rips, knife pops, cig, and lighter to the inflatables.

Solar       1:33        $25

Loves the smell, feel, taste, texture, and pressure.

He licks, bites, stomps, and rips the balloons. 

And licks, bites, pokes, and rips the inflatables

Thomas      56m    $30
GoGo Dancer loves to stomp on the balloons and get sexy with the inflatables.
Stomp, rip, and pump the balloons with one B2P.
Slowly pokes and rips the inflatables.

El Toro      41m     $25

He does not speak English and I do not speak Spanish.

He rips the balloons and likes to blow them.

Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables

Helious      1:55    $25
The smell, feel, and smoothness of the toys turned him on. Loved listening to the balloons.
Rip, poke, pump, and a few S2P's, B2P's, and bites the balloons.  Fire and rips the inflatables.

Andy Liano      55m        $30

Squeezes the balloons into his body to pop them.

Rips, B2P's, pump, pin, bounces, and tries to bite the balloons. Rips and bites the inflatables. Tries to bounce on the balls, and loves the neck of the swan.

Gage           1:03        $25

Uses his feet to hold the toys, and could not rip, bite, or pull apart the camel.

​Sits on, rips, and uses the lighter on the balloons.

Rips and pokes the inflatables.

J.D.            1:31        $30

Stripper J.D. wears his police man shorts and tie.

Slams the balloons against his groin and saves the chicken. Lots of sit pops, rips, and pump 2 pop.

Body Slams the inflatables, with pokes, bites, and rips

Bonus Clip of Gabriel and Carlos X fast popping a room full of balloons

Rico aka mealticcet  1:07 $25

Rips, S2P's, lighter, pump, and pin pops the balloons.  Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables.

Pornstar Rico can be seen at

Adam Bond       1:28        $25

Does fetish videos and contacted me to rip, stomp, lick, cig, pin, B2p, and pump the balloons.

Pokes fast with some lighter and cig and squeezes the air out of some of the inflatables