Pool Party 2      1:32     $40

Chad,  Jarod,  Eric B,  Gabriel, and Johnny Bravo.

Giant Water Balloons.    ORB.   "Attack of the Toucans" and Johnny Bravo "Hulks Out".

Jake         1:02         $30

Tall playful kid gets sweaty with the balloons.

Sit pops, rips, and bounces on the balloons.

Bites, pokes, and LICKS the food inflatables.

Balloonroom 2018    1:24   $40

Just Balloons. Four guys sitting on a couch, talking, and blowing up balloons. Mike, Chad, Colonel Clap, and Johnny Bravo

Eric B       32m        $30

Great Smile, Hair, Ass, with a Beautiful Body. So much Fun.  He rips, sits, B2Ps, and stomps the balloons. Bounces, stomps, and bites the inflatables including a Giga Ball.

Chad and Eric B     53m    $50

I was laughing so much at the fun they had.

Bite and B2P the balloons.

Bite and rip the inflatables.

Johnny Test        1:11        $30

Quiet GoGo Dancer knows how to move on the stage.

Rips, bites, lighter, and pin pops with a few B2Ps. 

​Rips and rips, pokes and pokes the inflatables.

Parker Gaige   1:36    $30

The men love this Hairy GoGo Dancer. He soft jumps and pops. Bites, rips, stomps, and finally one B2P the balloons.  Bites, rips, and pokes the inflatables. 

Robbie and Santino         1:04         $50

Compare notes on how to rip a balloon, some B2P's with cheats, some stomps, some S2P's and the pump.

​Rip, bite and poke the inflatables

Santino       1:18       $30

Talkative, expressive, and revealing (brief nudity) Rips and stomps the balloons. Corkscrew and cuts the inflatables.

Jonny       1h        $30

Slaps the balloons and Stomps with boots. Then lets his hair down and rubs his sweaty body on the balloons and toys. Caresses and rips the inflatables.

Tank      1:01       $30

Big strong hands can rip anything and does. He gets the beach balls to "Boom".  He has fun jumping on the inflatables.  And his hot wet breath gets those B2Ps to be amazing.

Colonel Clap       1:20      $30

Flips to pop, squeezes, slams, stomps, bites, crushes with his thighs, kicks, punches, and B2P the balloons.  Turns inside out, bites, rips, pokes, and really tries to sit pop the inflatables. 

Robbie         1:08          $30

Super shy for a white guy. He rips and stomps the balloons. Pokes and PICKS at the inflatables and squeezes the air out.

Carlos AV       38m        $30

Shows off his Ass, rips, steps on, and B2Ps. Loves the feel of latex against his ass. Only 6 minutes of ripping inflatables.

Santos6969      59m       $30

Visiting GoGo Dancer from Vegas, loves to have fun .

Rips and foot stomps, plus the pump to pop balloons. 

​Rips, bites, and pokes the inflatables, plus a lighter.

Mihail         56m        $30

Russian GoGo Dancer sexually aggressive rips the toys.

Rip and bites the balloons, with a few B2Ps.

​Rip, poke, and stabs the inflatables. Loves using his feet

Johnny Bravo  41m  $30​

All American Muscle Boy, stomps and rips the balloons. Then pokes and plays with his food inflatables.

With Bonus Clip of Gabriel and Carlos X attacking each other with an inflatable battle set

Carlos X          1:05         $30

GoGo Dancer and Gabriel's younger brother. 

Loves to rip the toys. Blows up lots of balloons to rip. Fast stomp, sits, and pump. Pokes then rips in half the inflates, with some squeezing the air out

Corbin           1:30         $30

GoGo Dancer squeaks, rips, and stomps the balloons. But really liked poking, ripping, and squeezing out all of the air from the inflatables.

He wants to pop more inflatables

Models from my friend WOLF

Mike and Ali       51m       $50

The sexual tension and the horniness abounds. Incredible energy with Lots of B2Ps. Jumping on the inflatables followed by stabbing with wooden spoons.

Javi           1:41         $30

GoGo Dancer LOVES to bite, lick, and S2P the balloons. Plus rip and pin pop the balloons. 

Smack, bite, rip, and pokes the inflatables. 

DEZ   16 minutes    $10

Just Balloons. First round. Had camera problems. 

He rips, step up on, and a few sit pops.

Gabriel and Mario Jose     1:17    $50

Show off their bigger muscles by popping 200 squiggly balloons. They bite, rip, P2P, and B2P the balloons. They play tug of war, rip, and bite the inflatables.

Randy    25m     $30

Professional Dancer is so fluid and flexible when moving about the room, but is terrified to pop the balloons and inflatables.  Uses an ink pen to pop.

Gabriel        53m      $30

Flexes and rips the balloons, Blows up 2 balloons at once, and is scared to do a B2P. Plus stomps, and some S2P's. Quickly bites and rips the inflatables.

Mario Jose   49m  $30

Toned Zumba Instructor rips, stomps, sit pops, and some B2Ps balloons.  Rips and pokes the inflatables. Tried to sit pop a beach ball for 5 minutes.